10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (2023)

Are you looking to maximize the performance of your workouts? We may have the perfect solution for you, and it doesn't even require a lot of hard work.

We are, of course, talking about rowing machines.

Getting a full-body workout to burn calories, tone muscle, and improve overall cardiovascular health has never been easier. Training with a rowing machine is low impact and therefore easy on the joints and connective tissues.

Therefore, there is little to no risk of injury from overtraining.

At the same time, there are several scientifically proven benefits of rowing, including increased endurance, reduced stress, and increased strength.

Rowing is a very versatile exercise and engages multiple muscle groups at once, including your back, arms, legs, and core. Because of this, the use of a rowing machine is a common part of the training routines of most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

But not all gyms have rowing machines as part of their services. Before purchasing a membership to your preferred gym, it is essential that you confirm the amenities that they offer to their members.

In most cases, even the most basic membership plan should allow access to the rowing machines at your gym. But that only applies if you can find a decent gym that offers unlimited access to a rowing machine along with other necessary amenities.

So, in order to train efficiently, you will have to find the best gyms with affordable rowing machines.

To help you with that, we've put together a list to help you discover which gyms have rowing machines in their cardio or strength sections.

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What am I going to learn?

10 gyms with rowing machines

Finding a rowing machine in a fancy gym may not be a big deal. It is one of the most common fitness equipment.

And yet, many gyms lack rowing machines simply because they place too much emphasis on using advanced equipment.

Unfortunately, looking for “best gyms with rowing machines near me” will not help you get clear answers. You'll have to dive in and search for yourself.

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To help you find the best gyms with rowing machines, we've compiled a list of some of the best options:-

fitness at any time

10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (2)

If you want to be part of a global community, consider joiningfitness at any time. It is possibly the largest gym franchise in the world.

According to the latest information, they currently have around 5,278 gym branches in various countries on different continents. Of these, more than 1,500 gyms are located in the United States alone.

So, suffice it to say, you'll probably easily find an Anytime Fitness near you. The best part? There are several rowing machines at each of their fitness clubs.

Notable features:

  • Group training sessions
  • body conditioning classes
  • Amt elliptical trainers
  • Synergy 360 system
  • Adaptive Movement Trainers

Precio:The mediasubscription costper month is around $50. However, prices may vary depending on your plan and your location.

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If you are looking for a more holistic experience, YMCA is the answer. From fitness programs to childcare and youth programs, you get the complete package once you find your Y.

With more than 2,700 locations around the world, the YMCA is one of the most affordable health clubs around. However, keep in mind that it is not just a fitness chain, but an organization that focuses on the health and development of youth and adults.

Oh, and they have a lot of rowing machines in their line.

Notable features:

  • childcare services
  • youth programs
  • camps
  • Zumba classes
  • racetrack
  • Quiniels
  • Waterparks

Precio:The mediasubscription pricebecoming a member of YMCAs worldwide costs around $60. A one-time initiation fee of $50 is also required for adults.

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Planet Fitness

10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (4)

If you are looking for affordable gyms with rowing machines near you,Planet Fitnessshould be at the top of the list.

PF Academies prides itself on creating a comfortable and judgment-free environment for its members. As such, it is very suitable for people who have just started training.

The peaceful surroundings, as well as the many facilities and services available, make Planet Fitness the best choice for any serious fitness enthusiast.

Notable features:

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  • whirlpool beds
  • tanning beds
  • massage chairs
  • total body perfection

Precio:Classicmembership costs$10 a month and you can get access to basic facilities like cardio sessions and weight lifting. Black Card premium membership costs $24.99 per month and will give you access to exclusive features.

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Fitness de OrangeTheory

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If you're a fan of high intensity interval training (HIIT), OrangeTheory Fitness should be the perfect destination. They use exercises that combine the best aspects of cardio and strength training. There are around 1,600 gyms worldwide affiliated with OrangeTheory.

They also use advanced heart rate control techniques and the concept of excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption to maximize the rate at which calories are burned during and after workouts.

Additionally, the OrangeTheory Fitness facility has already begun using the WaterRower M1 HiRise, one of the most versatile and functional rowing machines on the market.

Notable features:

  • heart rate monitoring
  • personalized workouts
  • bicycles
  • pilgrims
  • TRX Suspension Trainers
  • Coaching Nutricional

Precio:Membership coststhey start at around $60 per month and can go as high as $170 per month depending on your location and plan type.

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10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (6)

LA Fitness is one of the oldest and most trusted fitness franchises in the United States. While it initially launched just for Los Angeles, as the name suggests, it now operates across the United States, with more than 700 gyms to its credit.

In addition to rowing machines,LAFitnessmembers enjoy a host of other benefits, including personalized training, well-stocked cardio and weight-lifting sections, and additional services.

Notable features:

  • Zumba classes
  • yoga and pilates
  • Children's Club
  • Quiniels
  • Basketball court

Precio:The basic, uniquesubscription price to the clubstarts at around $30 per month. Multi-club subscriptions, on the other hand, start at $35 per month.

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gold gym

10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (7)

Gold's Gym is the original perpetrator of the modern fitness movement. The franchise started in 1965 and became extremely popular after hosting big-name celebrities and bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is also one of the few fitness franchises that has managed to make its mark on the world stage.gold gymIt has around 700 branches in various countries and continents.

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It remains a popular destination for people looking to become serious bodybuilders and is well equipped with rowing machines and other equipment to make your travels a little easier.

Notable features:

  • Quiniels
  • Saunas
  • steam rooms
  • tanned
  • Children's Club
  • group gymnastics classes

Precio:Monthly averagemembership coststhey range from $40 to $50. Annual subscriptions can be as low as $30 per month.

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fitness fit

10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (8)

If you are looking for an exclusive and sophisticated experience,fitness fitshould do the trick. It is one of the most luxurious gym franchises in the world and offers a variety of first class services and facilities at affordable prices.

At Snap Fitness, you can enjoy your workouts and also participate in various activities, as well as community events and outreach programs to further invest in your fitness journey.

Plus, you're sure to find a Snap Fitness gym near you because the franchise has branches in more than 550 different locations.

Notable features:

  • heart rate monitoring
  • nutrition classes
  • group training
  • Private Bathrooms and Showers
  • Vending machines
  • whirlwind
  • corporate scanners
  • tanned
  • HDTV

Precio:The basicsthe plan beginsstarting at around $35 a month to start. Price will increase based on plan and location.

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24 hour gym

10 Gyms With Rowing Machines Near You | dr Training (9)

As the name suggests,24 hour gymwill give you full access to all types of gyms at any time of the day or night.

This franchise offers some of the best equipped and most interesting gyms with rowing machines. They only operate in the United States and have over 300 branches in eleven separate states across the country.

24 Hour Fitness offers well-equipped gyms with plenty of space and an extra focus on cleanliness. Many types of advanced equipment, including rowing machines, are available at your facility.

Notable features:

  • Quiniels
  • Racquetball and squash courts
  • Saunas
  • pilates classes

Precio:Membership costsranges from $30 per month to $47 per month depending on plan and location. No initiation fee required.

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Fitness Crunch

Crunch Fitness offers a unique perspective on fitness: they try to combine elements of fun and enjoyment with effective workouts.

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With a variety of exciting and personalized training programs, Crunch Fitness aims to bring a whole new perspective on fitness. the academies underFitness CrunchFocus on inclusivity and positivity, making them perfect for beginners and experts alike.

From personal and group training to HIIT workouts, you can enjoy a holistic experience at Crunch Fitness. The franchise currently operates in more than 300 locations around the world.

Notable features:

  • whirlpool beds
  • infrared saunas
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • olympic lifting platforms
  • Juice and smoothie stations
  • clases de spinning

Precio:The basicssubscription pricestarts at around $15 per month with a $30 subscription fee. Premium membership costs around $25 per month plus the one-time subscription fee.

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fitness for life

Life Time Fitness is more than a gym franchise. It provides a holistic experience for the whole family, including children. With 170 locations across the United States,fitness for lifeoffers virtual training programs, individual training programs, group training programs, and even classes for kids that focus on sports, fitness, and swimming.

Life Time gyms also offer Child Care services so you can exercise without worrying about the well-being of your children.

Their cardio and weight lifting sections are also well-stocked and include equipment like rowing machines, dumbbells, etc.

Notable features:

  • Basketball, tennis and racquetball courts
  • Climbing
  • grass covered fields
  • spa services
  • Coffee Bar and Nutrition
  • Yoga and Pilates studios
  • Whirlpools and jacuzzis

Precio:A basic, uniqueclub membership will cost$50-$60 depending on location and individual gym policies.

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Last words

Rowing machines offer the fastest and most efficient way to exercise your entire body without overloading it.

While most high-end gym franchises have rowing machines as part of their training equipment, some of the smaller gyms don't. Therefore, it is important to find out whatacademiacan offer you the maximum depending on your needs.

Remember that using a rowing machine can effectively allow you to engage all of the major muscle groups in your body: your back, arms, legs, and core. And since it's low-impact, you won't be overexerting yourself. As such, it is some of the most effective gym equipment available.


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