40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (2023)

Or seeBreakfastSo important that you take the time to cook something delicious every day, or you are more of a person of "a little quick to start your day."The morning you have one day ahead of you.HappySimple breakfast ideasWe selected by hand for you.I can't overcome that, right?

The following list contains more than forty recipes that you can do for breakfast and are enough of heartyEgger richte, to sweet, creamy pancakesbeatenWe know that every morning looks different, and sometimes the chaos of the day prevents them from breakfast they really love.

Regardless of whether you always have it in a hurry or just need something that doesn't make much effort, you can try one of these fast and simple breakfast ideas that are satisfied with it during the morning.And if you hurry up so you don't even have time to cook, here they are6 breakfast items from McDonald's healthier to order.

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40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (1)

These pancakes are not only delicious and easy to do, but oatmeal increases a fiber impulse to your morning food so that you can start the day well.If you are not a fan of apples, you can overcome your pancakes with berries or bananas.

Get our recipePancakes made of oatmeal.


Breakfast hems with a sweet potato and chicken sausage

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (2)

For those who try to pack your morningfull of proteinThis recipe is for you.Eggs, chicken sausage and sweet potatoes help to stack the protein and other useful nutrients such as hills and fiber.

Get our recipeBreakfast.


Salado of artichokes quiche feta

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (3)

It doesn't get much easier than a quiche.I just throw all the ingredients together and let them bake while I prepare for the day.

Get our recipeQuiche feta of artichokes.


Oatmeal with peanut butter and banana

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (4)

We love this oatmeal with peanut butter and banana recipe for your good ingredients for you.A healthy morning meal that can have in a few minutes.

Get our recipeOatmeal with peanut butter and banana.


Egg sandwich with pastrami and Swiss

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (5)

The combination of pastrami and Swiss has long been limited to the scope of the delicacies counter, but we believe that it works wonderfully with soft stirring ice, especially because pastrami touches the sausage and bacon in the calorie department.

Get our recipeEgg sandwich with pastrami and Swiss.


Breakfast burrito

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (6)

By exchanging white white tortillas for whole grain, swinging fat pig sausage against the variety of lean chicken and adding fiber -rich beans and a little fresh avocado, we have reduced the calories by half and at the same time increases the general diet (and andJoy).

Get our recipeBreakfast burrito.

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40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (7)

In addition to frozen raspberries and peaches, we combine a banana, orange juice and Greek yogurt as well as a little honey and ginger to create a satisfactory opportunity to start your day with one of our healthiest breakfast ideas.

Get our recipeRapper.


An omelet

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (8)

We spoke to a cook from New York City to learn to cook the perfect tortilla at home.This is what we learned when cooking this simple breakfast idea.

Get our recipe for ATortilla.


Peanut butter oat during the night

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (9)

This oatmeal recipe during peanut butter night will certainly become one of its simple breakfast ideas!Simply prepare it the night before and is ready for the morning.

Get our recipePeanut butter oat during the night.


Morning sand with turkey, cheddar cheese and guacamole

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (10)

Not all hand breakfasts are so virtuous because many of them are flooded with excess carbohydrates and fats.

Get our recipeMorning sand with turkey, cheddar cheese and guacamole.


10 -minute baked eggs with mushrooms and spinach

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (11)

Small ceramic ships are perfect for housing.OwnerThrow the meat, cheese and vegetables and then in the oven.It is created 10 minutes later a perfectly cooked egg, bleached but firm, firm, wonderfully liquid egg yolk, which is closed by a delicious and abundant support plaster.

Get our recipe10 -minute baked eggs with mushrooms and spinach.


Breakfast pizzas

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (12)

Start with the best breakfast bread, the English muffin made of dense integral wheat in fiber such as base and sauce as a sauce and then add eggs, ham and cheese to get taste, substance and many proteins.

Get our recipeBreakfast pizzas.

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Greek yogurt with pineapple, kiwi, mango and ginger syrup

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (13)

This refreshing mixture combines tropical fruits with a spicy explosion of ginger syrup for a candy for a candy that knows as if they are on vacation, even if it is only on their sofa.

Get our recipeGreek yogurt with pineapple, kiwi, mango and ginger syrup.


Perfekt von spicy pumpkin

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (14)

This spicy and autumn parfait smells of pumpkin pie and Christmas spices and is happy about every breakfast or a snack period in the colder months.It is also so delicious that you want it all year round.

Get our recipePerfekt von spicy pumpkin.


Blackberry Cashew Chia Pudding

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (15)

Fresh blackberries give the Buddin an acidic element, but can replace all other fruit exchange or even omit them completely.

Get our recipeBlackberry Cashew Chia Pudding.


Egg broccoli cheese in a cup

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (16)

If you want to eat a nutritious breakfast, but do not have to do with the symptoms to wash many kitchen pans, this egg recipe is perfect for you in a cup.It is for a portion, so it is an excellent option for these simple ideas breakfast if you just want to eat something and follow your day.

Get our recipeEgg broccoli cheese in a cup.


Mango-Genero Avena at night

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (17)

During the night, oats are perfect for occupied tomorrow if you don't want the night to use help and season with this version of oatmeal during the mango night.

Get our recipeMango-Genero Avena at night.


Red and green breakfast salad

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (18)

Who says you can't have a salad breakfast?With this recipe for red and green breakfast salad you can enjoy a crispy bowl of vegetables at any time of the day.

Get our recipeRed and green breakfast salad.


Peacher & Kale Smoothie Bowl

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (19)

You heard of peaches and creams, but what about "peaches and green"?Melodies and curly.

Get our recipePfirsiche und Colled Molled Box.


Icelandic yogurt with muesli and fresh berries

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (20)

One of the simplest simple breakfast ideas is a good yogurt and muesli.yogurtwhenSkyr Islandés de Siggi, which has between 15 and 17 grams of protein per container of 5.3 ounces.Simply cover a handful of fresh berries of your choice, sprinkle a low muesli, an integrated grain, integral grain, and you are ready to start!

Make your own Farola with oursHealthy granuse recipe from Hiel-Cherry-Cherry.

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Whole grain bread and lox

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (21)

To youAntiphlogistikumServe omega-3 fatty acid dose, somewhat smoked salmon for your morning meal.Take the roasted whole bread with beaten cream cheese or goat cheese and cover them with smoked salmon, cut tomatoes, red onions in slices and caps.

Get our recipe for ASmoked salmon -sandwich.


Riped eggs with toast

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (22)

If you are looking for a warm and simple breakfast with at least 12 grams of proteins and grains, the eggs in the toast are a safe way to get it.If you feel elegant, add a little calces cheese, the rich in calcium or cheese is of goat.

Get our recipeVegetables -scrack with mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese.


Avocado -Shake

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (23)

There are no sugar -containing shakes here!The berries have a good reputation in the category of fruits because they are one of the few fruits that we have not genetically changed over the years.Content, other fruits and the low side fall in carbohydrates in the fruit scale.

Get our recipeAvocado -Shake.


Breakfast Tacos

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (24)

Breakfast Tacos!Change the eggs with spinach and sausage pieces or mushrooms.

Get our recipeBreakfast Tacos and spinach.


Higga and goat cheese toast

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (25)

This is perhaps the simplest of all fast and simple breakfast recipes that you can do: a little bread, plate in a little goat cheese, scatter cinnamon, layer with cut figs and have everything laid with honey condicated (yum!).


Spinach and mushroom tortilla

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (26)

For breakfast full of vegetables, stir in two eggs in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.Add a socket butter in a non -diayer pan and fry the mushrooms until they are slightly golden.Add the spinach and pour the scrambled egg, cover it with cheese cheese or goat cheese and cook until you are preferred.


Quinoa with raisins and nuts

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (27)

Combine quinoa that are mixed in a pan with half a cup of milk, golden raisins, a hint of brunettem sugar and roasted nuts.Bock until it is hot and creamy.


Mango banana shaking

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (28)

For a tropical gift, half a cup of coconut water, half a cup of almond milk without sugar, half a cup of Icelandic or Greek yoghurt, half a banana, half a cup of frozen mangow dice and a pinch of cinnamon.


Waffle with yogurt and melos bananas

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (29)

Tasted a comprehensive and high protein grain -Gofre until they are crispy with stealthy yogurt, cut bananas and stealthy almonds.


Brown Hash Avocado Toast

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (30)

Take a frozen Hash -Browns bag, we like itAlexias Bio -Hashed Browns"And fry them. Cubes with newly covered avocado and a fried egg too easy. To climb the green, you can even roughly roughly rough and mix with the potatoes before roasting them.


Walnut oatmeal

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (31)

One of the fastest and faster breakfast ideas that the sweet desire without satisfying a lot of aggregated sugar is oat.Simply stir a spoon of peanut butter in a simple snapshot and then cover them with apples that cut into cubes, chop nuts and cinnamon.

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Protein pancakes

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (32)

The pancakes are probably one of the simplest breakfast ideas that can do, but they are generally difficult in carbohydrates and do not offer much protein for a satisfactory and abundant morning flour.Adding powder protein can, however, help completely!

Get our recipeProtein pancakes.


Chocolate peanut butter -shake

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (33)

If you are a chocolate, you will love this shake.It has all the soft and delicious aromas of a cup of chocolate nuts butter without all fat and sugar.I feel the chocolate protein dust, a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a frozen banana, a small handful of nuts and a pinch of cinnamon.


Ricotta toast and berries

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (34)

Do you have ricota from this lasagna or baked citi that you made the other day?


Tortilla with broccoli left cheese, ham and cheddar cheese

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (35)

If you have the left broccoli last night, you can also throw it into a omelet with Cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon.


Affen in the room

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (36)

A classic quick breakfast.It extends a piece of roasted bread with wheat wheat with peanut or almond butter.Cubes with cut bananas, a splash honey and chia seeds.

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Muesli with berries

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (37)

In the event of a doubt, simply throw a muesli with a low sugar into a bowl with high protein milk such as dairy products or pea protein milk.Is a healthy milk alternative?Try the pea milkThen.


EI y and revocation Blt

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (38)

Instead of saving this Sunday bacon for lunch on Monday, why not duplicate and have breakfast again?But this time they try it in a balance: bacon, salad, egg, avocado and tomato.


Sandwich, ham, eggs and cheese

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (39)

Make an English muffin in the toaster and then fry an egg in a pan together with a couple of Canadian bacon slices.Cube with grated Cheddar cheese and put it under the grill until the cheese melts and sprout.


Immediate oats with powdered protein

40 fast and easy breakfast ideas (40)

For a high oat height, which typically focuses on carbohydrates, throw a tablespoon of his favorite taste of taste with oats and milk and then cover with your favorite fruit and linen seeds for a little additional fiber.

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