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Das HOTH Google Keyword Planner Tool powered bySEMrush, helps you find common terms and phrases related to your main keyword.
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How to use this tool

Finding the right keywords for your website can take your online business to the next level. Google uses keywords to rank websites based on their relevance to specific search queries. The more keywords you rank for, the higher your pages or content will appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

With so many keywords available, you need to do your research. But how are you supposed to conduct sophisticated keyword research when you're a small to medium-sized business diving into SEO?

Our FREE Google Keyword Planner is the answer!

All you need to get started is entering a keyword related to your online business. From there, our tool will provide you with a full list of similar keywords to use.

Each keyword contains valuable data:

  • Keyword-Suchvolumen
  • competence
  • The results for each keyword
  • The cost per click or CPC
  • And whether you have an uptrend or a downtrend on the search

See below what keyword research would look like for an online business selling "CBD supplements".

FREE Google Keyword Planner Tool (Alternative #1) (1)

Here is an example of the results this company would get.

FREE Google Keyword Planner Tool (Alternative #1) (2)

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Our tool returns 100 of the top keywords for this search term. Results can also be downloaded as .pdf or exported as .csv for future reference.

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The FREE Google Keyword Planner tool is available on this page and through yourfree HOTH account.

video guide

Of all the free tools we offer, Google Keyword Planner is one of the easiest to use. All you have to do is type in the relevant keyword or phrase to get started.

The challenge is deciding which keywords to use and how to integrate them into your content or webpage.More on that below!

At this point, we want to make sure that you are clear about how this tool works. Watch our video tutorial below.

Our FREE YouTube SEO Tools page is full of other videos on how to use our headline generator or ranking checker. Do you have a question about this or one of our other tools?

SimplyBook a call with usand we can help you!

What are effective keywords?

This is the moment you've probably been waiting for. Once you've created a list of potential keywords with our tool, how do you decide which ones to pick? There are several qualities that make a keyword effective.

First, examine the generated list and note which keywords are at the top. These are keywords with the highest search volume. It's important to know if people are actually searching for a term before using it. These are the keywords with the most traction.

(Video) Keyword Tool (FREE) ᐈ#1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative

But the analysis does not end here.

Competition is an important factor, especially for small and medium-sized companies. You need to know how much competition there is for each keyword and be realistic about what you can actually rank for. It is possible to rank on page one for some keywords, but others may be too competitive.

Even if you don't buy ads from Google, it's a good idea to check a keyword's CPC. This indicates whether a keyword is valuable enough to include in your strategy. You want keywords that drive searches or sales, and CPC is a good indicator of that.

Finally, only select keywords that are relevant to your business. Let’s take the CBD search above as an example.

If the company specializes in CBD for pets, using the keyword "CBD bodybuilding supplements" would not be relevant.

Factors influencing keywords

There are several types of keywords. In this section, we look at broad match keywords, phrase match, exact match keywords, and negative keywords.

broad consensus

Broad match keywords are designed to reach the widest possible audience. The goal of using broad match keywords is to increase web traffic.

Some examples of these keywords are "men's shoes" or "women's hats".

You may think that broad agreement works best because it reaches more people. The problem, however, is that your visitors are not qualified traffic.

Someone looking for "men's shoes" might need something to wear with a tuxedo, and your company specializes in running shoes.

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word agreement

Matching phrase keywords are more specific. They're the happy medium between broad match and exact match, giving you extra flexibility.

In the example above, you could add "beach day" to the keyword "women's hats". This helps refine searches so the right people see your site.

exact match

The exact match keyword is the opposite of a broad match keyword. A Google user must enter the keyword exactly as it is displayed in order to find your page. They better connect your buyers to your products, but result in less traffic.

You need to diversify your keyword list to make sure you include all three types.

negative keywords

Some websites forget to add negative keywords, but they are very important. Negative keywords are terms that you don't want associated with your website.

For example, if you only sell "women's beach hats," you might want to add "sports hats" to your negative keyword list. This ensures that a search for sports caps does not lead to your page.

Because it matters

Keywords are important because they form the basis of SEO. Everything you try to do with your website is based on the keywords you choose.

Google scans your keywords to determine what your content is about and delivers it to the right people to do a search.

Keywords are added to your web pages and serve as the basis for blog posts. They also show what your potential customers are looking for online.

When your keywords are perfectly optimized for your audience, your website will get more qualified traffic. This means visitors are more likely to buy a product, sign up as a member, or set up a consultation.

(Video) Access Google Keyword Planner Tool Without Creating Ads

What to do with the results

Start optimizing your on-page SEO. This has to do with how you insert keywords on individual web pages. Here are some tips:

  1. Use the keyword in your page title
  2. Include the keyword in your meta description
  3. Add the keyword to your subheadings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  4. The keyword should also appear naturally in the copy.

Content is important for ranking. You need to constantly post new content that contains the keywords you want to rank for. Focus on making the content high quality and useful to the reader.

Rank for only one main keyword per page. Choosing too many main keywords could hurt your SEO.

We've already mentioned how backlinks also improve your SEO ranking. That's why you can click Add Links to request a guest post on another site that links to you.

your next steps

Use this tool if you want to improve or revise an SEO strategy for your business. Our Google Keyword Planner tool is free, fast and easy to use. You can create a powerful keyword worklist in minutes.

Once these keywords are added to your website, start tracking your web traffic and conversions. Notice if they are gaining or losing weight. Feel free to change or add new keywords as needed.

Ultimately, SEO is a work in progress and you need to adjust it regularly.

Discuss strategy with an expert Find out how SEO can work for you. Get expert advice on the right strategy for your company!

Need help with your SEO? SimplyBook a call with our teamFor the beginning.


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