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The Dog Board e Train Boot Camp

Instead of generic one-hour group classes that are often ineffective, our Dog Boot Camp/Board and Train programs are customized for your dog. They are tailored to your training goals and your dog's personality. This training method ensures that your dog's training is much more effective as the plan is created around you and your dog!

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What is a board and a train?

With a board and train ourExperienced trainers bring your dog to your home. They teach them a variety of commands.depending on the chosen package. They will also work to make sure your dog is well behaved around the house. Your puppy will be brought back to you and you will learn everything he has learned and how to maintain the training and behaviors into the future.

Ideal age to start and train

We offer our Dog Boot Camp program todogs of all ages. We see a lot of puppies and often train older dogs as well. The notion that you can't teach old dogs new tricks is definitely not true!If your puppy is very young, we generally recommend waiting up to 16 weeks.before sending them to us for training. We can cover a lot more with a 16 week old puppy than we can with a 12 week old puppy!

Professional trainers to take your dog on board

When looking for a dog trainer, experience counts! Every dog ​​is different and it takes a trainer who is truly an expert to understand your dog's unique personality.Our experienced trainers help thousands of dogs every year– all have different personalities and characteristics. They can handle everything from shy, submissive dogs to excitable dogs that are always pushing your buttons and trying to run the household! Generally, if your dog suffers from aggression issues or extreme anxiety, we recommend house training as it is more suitable.

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Feeding and training tailored to your dog

See how we customize our Dog Boot Camp program to meet your pup's needs:

Know your dog's training needs

The first step in our Dog Boot Camp program is to complete our personalized dog behavior questionnaire.We want to know all about your good and bad behaviorand habits, as well as your training goals. This gives us a lot of information about your dog and allows the trainer to start creating a training plan before you even meet him!

Observe your dog in its surroundings

The next step is when your handler comes to your house to pick up your dog. In this way, the trainer has the opportunity to do soSee your dog in his home environment and discuss the details of what you are looking for. This works much better than having the handler meet your dog for the first time in a kennel when you drop him off. The place where your dog feels most comfortable is the place where the handler can best understand who your dog is. The more the trainer knows about your dog, the more he or she will be able to meet your dog's needs.When we pick things up, we often see things that weren't on the questionnaire.and then we will adjust our training schedule accordingly. Our goal is to fully understand your dog's behavior in your home so that we can achieve the best possible training results!

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Get your board and train

After pickup, your trainer will take your dog to your home and really begin the Dog Boot Camp training process! This is a lot of fun and a lot of work for both your dog and the handler. You startWork on each obedience command (heel, sit, stay, down, come)and work at the right pace for your dog. If your dog doesn't know any commands, start the learning phase. If your dog already knows certain commands, he will immediately start avoiding distractions (aka checking an obedience command).

The trainer also works to reinforce new behaviors with your dog.. This includes things like stopping jumping, barking, chewing, and teaching your dog to live in a humane home without anyone getting stressed or frustrated.we approachpotty/steal trainingand use our built-in protocol/timeline to get your pup or dog on track! This is where the dog behavior quiz comes in handy. Your trainer knows your goals and addresses each of your problem areas and goals. For example, if you mentioned attacking guests as a problem, your handler will spend a lot of time working the front door to make sure your dog is learning how to behave!

Use the board and train obedience with daily life

Your trainer will also incorporate obedience commands into daily life. You will practice getting your dog to obey commands even in the presence of strong distractions such as doorbells, arriving guests, dinner, and around other dogs.

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Advice and socialization training

Our feeding and training programs are great forconvivialityYour dog.During feeding and training, your trainer will give walks your dog will enjoy.. This includes places like dog parks, pet stores, and other public places where you might want your dog to behave. Planning a nice brunch at a dog-friendly restaurant? Let your trainer know and they can work to incorporate this type of journey into your board and training.

Personalized class to go home

Once your dog has learned and tested his obedience commands and how to behave properly around the house, it's time for him to go home! Your trainer will take your dog back to your home and stay 2 hours for your return session. This session is extremely important because this is the beginning ofyourEducation! You'll see everything your dog has learned and learn how to maintain his new good behavior!

Training tracking at your home

Fortunately, your dog's training doesn't stop after the go-home session! With our two- and three-week programs, you'll havetwo additional 1-hour training sessionsat your home over the next few weeks to ensure you are fully trained! Please note that when you send your dog to us1 week of training, they only get 1 follow uptraining session at your home. If you want even more training, read more about ourMeals and train plus program.

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Live happily with your dog

Upon completion of the follow-up training sessions, you and your dog will be well trained and ready to live a happy life together. That said, if you have any questions or concerns, we areA Dog's Life can be contacted by phone at no extra cost!

Boarding and train money back guarantee

We are very proud of our Dog Boot Camp program and know you will be pleased with the results. We support our work and our2-week, 3-week and Plus programs come with a money-back guarantee! We offer this guarantee because we know we have the right combination of dog training skills, experience and customer service to make you a lifetime satisfaction customer!

Should you bother sending your dog to a board and training?

Many of our customers feel that their dog is a member of the family. Our trainers think so too and will treat your furry best friend like family.We've found it helps customers align boarding and trains with their vacation.This is a time when many people will mount their dogs anyway. Plus, the holidays make you want to get out of the house and keep yourself busy. During your dog's stay, our trainers will send you updates and photos of your dog. We make sure your puppy is in the safe hands of a professional. These training updates will help even if you stay home while your dog is away. Also, unlike many smaller dog trainers, our company is insured and has years of satisfied customers that back up our reputation. Still not convinced? Ourhome trainingit's a great option where your dog stays in your house and you can decide how involved you want to be in each class.

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