PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (2023)

In Prague I had dinner in a medieval tavern called U Pavouka.

In this review, I'll tell you more about the medieval food, drinks and entertainment.

Was it worth the price?

And most importantly, should you really book a medieval dinner in Prague or is it just a tourist spectacle to be avoided?

Let me be very frank with you: it was one of the best experiences I had during my short getaway to the Czech capital and I'll tell you why.

Below is a full description of the evening, as well as the easiest way to book your medieval dining experience.

And that's probably the mostimportant advice. Book early as this is probably the most popular attraction in Prague, most of the time completely full.

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  • 1 Dinner Review at U Pavouka Medieval Tavern in Prague
    • 1.1 How was the reservation process?
    • 1.2 Addresses?
    • 1.3 What was the medieval tavern like?
    • 1.4 Free drinks, but how was the selection and quality?
    • 1.5 How was dinner including medieval entertainment?
  • 2 Taberna Medieval U Pavouka – contacto
  • 3 Conclusion: Hit or miss?
  • 4 More Photos of Prague's Medieval Tavern U Pavouka: What to Expect
PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (1)

The review of dinner in the medieval tavern U Pavouka in Prague

How was the reservation process?

Let me start by describing my experience from theBooking process that was very easy.j.

You only have to specify how many adults and children, the menu you want (3 courses or 5 courses) and the type of menu (pork, poultry, fish, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free).

No need to specify a drink as beer, wine and soft drinks are free with no restrictions, basically unlimited drinks.

In our case, I booked for two adults and one child. Children up to 12 years old receive a discount on the adult price.

We all chose a different option and opted for pork, poultry and fish. Which worked out really well because I got to try all three of the main dishes.

Considering that traditional Czech food is mainly based on meat dishes, I really appreciated the variety of options on the menus, which included not only vegetarian diets, but vegan and gluten-free diets as well.

How to get there?

We head to the medieval tavern U Pavouka.located in the center of Prague, immediatelythe whole street, one of the most popular and beautiful streets of the city, between thePulverturm, the city gate built over 600 years ago and theold town ring.

If youStay in the old town, the restaurant will most likely be within walking distance of your accommodation.

Otherwise, you can book an Uber (cheaper than a taxi to get around the city) or just take the metro B toRepublic Square(it's a short walk from there).

If youStay in Lesser Town(Little Town – Prague Castle Area) you can take direct tram 194Malostranské náměstíThat puts you very close to U Pavouka Tavern.

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (2)

We arrived around 7:45 pm for a 8:00 pm start.

The line at the entrance was actually quite long, which worried me, but we were inside in no time. The two guys at the gate were very fast.

We head straight for the underground tavern where the dinner show is taking place.

There is also a restaurant on the ground floor, but it is more for casual dining.

By the way, this is one of the oldest pubs in Prague, ideal for a beer.

My second piece of advice here: try to be there at 7:30 p.m., so you can come in and relax at your table with a drink of your choice, all included.

What was the medieval tavern like?

The decoration of the two underground rooms dedicated to the medieval culinary experience was simply impressive.

I felt like I was suddenly catapulted into the Game of Thrones series.

There are two rooms. The first one is right under the front steps and that is what you will see as the first impression, amazing again.

Long wooden tables are arranged to the left and right of the room, and old lamps in cages hang from the ceiling.

The medieval décor around the room definitely highlights a labor of love and years of sophistication in detail.

You feel like you are at a medieval banquet.

The central space between the tables is used for the show, which begins later at dinner.

The second room has a very similar layout.interior design, but it is much bigger, with tables also in the middle. There is enough space between the three rows of tables for the show.

Now some important information to remember. The bathroom is right next to the stairs that go down to the first room.

With all these unlimited drinks, you might need it more than you think 😉

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (3)

Free drinks but how was the selection and quality?

The beer was excellent, like most of the beers I tried in the Czech Republic. I've never had a bad one to be honest.

They serve it in ceramic beer mugs which makes it so medieval 🙂

My wife had red wine. Don't expect anything fancy now, but it was drinkable and you're certainly not in a medieval tavern in Prague for the wine.

There is a wide variety of soft drinks to choose from. I tried my son's apple juice and again it was good, not too sugary or watery.

My suggestion here is to order beer over wine unless you want a soft drink of course.

Water is provided in a 1 liter jug ​​on the table.

Again, unlimited drinks are included in the price, so order as much as you like, without going overboard of course.

How was the dinner including the medieval entertainment?

We approach our table, a large one with plenty of space for food and drinks.

The guy had a 3 course meal while we had a 5 course meal.

They brought us a cold starter of smoked duck and turkey breast, which was quickly followed by a traditional Czech soup (potato or chicken broth).

I noticed other people had a selection of Czech cheeses which I think was the vegetarian option.

And then the fun began, with the unique medieval program, which began with two duelists fighting swords between the dark wooden tables, with excellent medieval music playing in the background.

It was a short fight but very intense and well acted. My son was already standing on the bench and looking at him with his mouth open! Definitely a great show for the kids.

A hot appetizer of traditional Czech pancakes with spinach and garlic was then served. We devoured quickly, also because the next show was about to start.

Some pipers entered the room along with other medieval musicians, followed by dancers. The same kind of Game of Thrones music again and have fun.

We sat at a table in the large room to the side, and I could see almost everything that was going on there.

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (4)

The performers moved quickly around the room, so everyone finally had a good view.

Most of the people in the room were already clapping, which added rhythm and energy to the performance.

Absolutely a great vibe that lasted for about 20 minutes.

The main course arrived shortly after the big show ended.

My wife's 12 hour roast pork dish was huge, probably too big for her, and she loved it but couldn't finish it.

I for one actually had a whole medium sized fish. She expected more from a steak and was actually happy to see a real fish, a baked trout that was delicious.

The boy was able to eat most of the chicken breast. It was another large serving.

I tried their dish and it would have been another good choice.

Overall, I felt like I had the best option out of the three, but we all like different things, right?

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (5)

Now, as we finished our main courses, a bar fight between the two previous swordsmen started.

Another 10 minutes of fun performance, again with medieval music in the background.

It reminded me a bit of them.pirates of the Caribbeanfight in the tavern Very funny again.

The medieval feast ended with a homemade cake for dessert, but the show continued, even growing in intensity, with more music played by the pipers, and then belly dancers, jugglers, fire show and more.

The great vibe in the room was great with more customers joining in the dancing, clapping and of course drinking (which added to the vibe I feel LOL)

That was the last part of the medieval show, which was similar in style to fireworks, starting out slow, moving faster in the middle, and picking up really fast towards the end.

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL TAVERN 2023- U Pavouka Dinner Review (6)

Taberna Medieval U Pavouka - contacto

Book the medieval dinner

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Conclusion: Hit or miss?

If you follow my website and social media, you probably already know that I like to get to the point without wasting too many words.

And I told you at the beginning of this post.Dinner in a medieval tavern in Prague was a great experience, one of the best I've had in the Czech capital..

For me it was an absolute HIT, something to put on your bucket list, a great place to spend a night in Prague.

We had lots of food which was excellent, the drinks were perfect for the evening, but the icing on the cake was definitely the medieval show.

And let me answer the two original questions.

Was it worth the price?

Overall, it's a good deal, even more so if you want to have fun with a group of friends without worrying too much about how many drinks you order.

Should you really book a medieval dinner in Prague or is it just a tourist spectacle to avoid?

Definitely don't expect locals at dinner. Still, I wouldn't consider it a tourist trap to be avoided. In fact, it is a good place to meet other travelers and, of course, have fun.

Of course, as with any experience, dinner did come with a few duds.

Drinks may not arrive on first order, especially later in the evening. The service is great in the initial stages, but then they delay delivery of the drinks and you may have to ask for them a couple of times.

It's totally understandable. Honestly the amazing staff have a hard time with a lot of drink requests (some people tend to go overboard with free drinks 😉)

So wait for your drinks, but if they don't arrive in 4-5 minutes, don't be afraid to ask again.

It's not Michelin dining and for that you have to visit the best restaurants in the city for unique food and wine, even on a much higher budget, in a nutshell it's a different experience.

In Australia we would call it pub food, in this case medieval pub food, or just honest food.

There is no a la carte menu, but the six menu options offer enough variety in my opinion.

Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant. The show is quite unique and you will feel like you are in medieval times during the big night.

And I would like to end by saying that U Pavouka Medieval Tavern was a totally fun place for our 8 year old so I would definitely consider taking the kids for this unique experience.

More photos of Prague's medieval tavern U Pavouka - what to expect

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