Ted's Montana Grill Menu Prices [Updated Feb 2023] (2023)

Ted´s Montana Grillis a privately owned American restaurant chain in the United States. They offer entrees, salads, salads, burgers, poultry, seafood, bison, steaks, sides, homemade desserts, sips, adult beverages and many other items on their menu. In this article, I'll talk about Ted's Montana Grill menu prices and more.

They also offer a children's menu in their restaurants. Ted's Montana Grill is known for its authentic American cuisine, including premium hand-cut steaks and gourmet burgers. Ted's Montana Grill specializes in a variety of bison dishes.

Ted's Montana Grill has a wide variety of entrée menus, including bison nachos, home fries, salt and pepper onion rings, grilled shrimp in ciabatta, St. Louis crab cakes. Phillip and much more.

Not cardápio de saltadas, they have grelhado caesar frango, caesar de salmão with cedar plant, caesar de camarão grelhado, farmhouse salt and much more. On the burger menu, they have a Naked Beef Burger, Naked Bison Burger, Beef Cheeseburger, Ted's Bacon Cheeseburger, Blue Creek Bison Burger, and Red Rock Beef Burger, and Muchas mais.

In the bison menu they have Bison Roast, Bison Chopped Steaks, Bison Meatloaf, Bison Ribs and many more items.

Ted's Montana Grill was founded in 2002 by bison breeder and media mogul Ted Turner. They opened the first Ted's Montana Grill in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

In 2008 they opened a restaurant in Bozeman. In 2010, Ted's Montana Grill closed three restaurants in the Kansas City market. Ted's Montana Grill closed many restaurants, including restaurants in Wichita, Omaha, Chicago and the Washington DC area.

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Ted's Montana Grill has 45 restaurants in 17 US states including Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. .

Ted's Montana Grill is now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I think if you are a true lover of bison dishes, you should visit Ted's Montana Grill once. Check out Ted's Montana Grill menu prices and all the other stuff.

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table of contents

Ted's Montana Grill Menu Prices

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Here he isTed's Montana Grill Menu and Pricinglist you can consult and then order your food accordingly:


Bison Nachos$ 10,00
San Felipe Island Crab Cake$ 14,00
home fries$ 5,00
Bar without sliders - beef$ 10,00
Bar None Sliders – Bison$ 12,00
Onion rings with salt and pepper$ 7,00
Grilled Shrimp on Ciabatta Bread$ 13,00
Soup of the Day (Bowl)Copa – $ 4,00
Bowl – $6.00
Karen's "Flying-D" Bison Chili (Copa)Copa – $ 5,00
Bowl – $7.00


casa$ 5,00
César$ 5,00
wedge$ 6,00
cabbage$ 6,00
Cut$ 6,00


balsamic blue steak$ 15,00
Big Sky Grilled – Grilled Chicken$ 13,00
Big Sky Grilled – Beef Burger$ 14,00
Grilled Big Sky – Salmon Cedar Plank$ 15,00
Big Sky Grilled – Bison Burger$ 16,00
Grilled Chicken Caesar$ 13,00
Cedar Plant Caesar Salmon$ 15,00
caesar grilled shrimp$ 16,00
Cabana$ 14,00
minced chicken$ 13,00


naked meat hamburger$ 12,00
Naked Bison Burger$ 14,00
Beef Burger With Cheese$ 13,00
Bison Cheeseburguer$ 15,00
Ted's Bacon Cheeseburguer$ 14,00
Ted's Bacon Cheeseburger (Bison)$ 16,00
Blue Creek Beef Burger$ 15,00
Blue Creek Bison Burger$ 17,00
Beef and Mushroom Swiss Burger$ 14,00
Swiss bison and mushroom burger$ 16,00
Avalon Beef Burger$ 15,00
Avalon Bison Burger$ 17,00
Red Rock Beef Burger$ 15,00
Red Rock Bison Burger$ 17,00
Turkey Burger with Lean Sauce$ 12,00
Beef burger with lean sauce$ 13,00
Bison Burger with Lean Sauce$ 15,00
George's Classic Cadillac Beef Burger$ 14,00
George's Cadillac Classic Bison Burger$ 16,00
Canyon Creek Beef Burger$ 15,00
Canyon Creek Bison Burger$ 17,00
Hot green beef burger$ 14,00
Hot Green Bison Burger$ 16,00
Chili Cheese Beef Burger with Fork and Knife$ 15,00
Chili Cheese Bison Burger with Fork and Knife$ 17,00
1977 America's Cup Beef Burger$ 16,00
Bison Burger from the 1977 America's Cup$ 18,00
delicious duo$ 11,00
Homemade Vegetarian Burger$ 12,00


red stone sandwich$ 13,00
snow crest sandwich$ 13,00
Turkey hamburger$ 13,00
Springer Mountain® Grilled Chicken (Available after 4pm)$ 16,00
Roast turkey and gravy (Sundays only)$ 15,00


Absolutely Best Fish Sandwich$ 13,00
Salmon hamburger$ 15,00
Island Crab Cakes St. Phillip$ 27,00
salmon cedar board7 ounces – $18.00
9 ounces – $21.00
Trout in walnut crust$ 17,00
Trout with Salt and Pepper$ 17,00


bison roast$ 20,00
bison ribs$ 21,00
bison chopped steak$ 17,00
bison meatloaf$ 17,00
Bison Meat Loaf Sandwich$ 12,00


Bife do Ted (Bison)8 ounces – $35.00
New York Range (bison)11 ounces – $31.00
Delmonico Ribeye (bison)14 ounces – $36.00
Ted's Steak (beef)8 ounces – $27.00
Delmonico Ribeye (Veal)14 ounces – $28.00
New York Certified Angus Beef Strip (carne bovina)12 ounces – $25.50


plate of vegetables$ 4,50
Onion rings with salt and pepper$ 4,50
Fresh cut french fries$ 4,50
50/50 French Fries and Onion Rings$ 4,50
Mashed Potatoes With Garlic$ 4,50
Baked Broccoli with Parmesan Cheese$ 4,50
sautéed green beans$ 4,50
buttered carrots$ 4,50
kale salad$ 4,50
baked potato$ 4,50
Potato$ 4,50

premium side dishes

roasted asparagus$ 5,50
sautéed cauliflower$ 5,50
Chef's Featured Vegetables$ 5,50

homemade desserts

seasonal dessert$ 8,00
Kahlúa® Fudge Brownie$ 7,00
Cheesecake with berries$ 7,00
freshly baked cookies$ 2,00
cookie and ice cream$ 6,00
Vanilla ice cream$ 5,00


Shakes e Maltes$ 6,00
Coke® ou IBC® Root Beer Float$ 5,00

Children's menu

chicken strips$ 6,00
Bar without sliders (meat) (kids)$ 6,00
Bar None (Bison) Slippers (Children)$ 9,00
pasta with cheese$ 5,00
Grilled chicken$ 7,00
salmon cedar board$ 10,00
Certified Angus beef lombo$ 10,00
grilled cheese$ 5,00

Adult Beverages (Margaritas)

Daisy Ted's Signature$ 9,00
margarita montana$ 10,00
blueberry margarita$ 10,00
gran agave$ 11,00
Blueberry Jalapeno Margarita$ 10,00


definitive succio martini$ 11,00
Martini with Lemon Drops$ 9,00
mountain breeze$ 9,00

Classic Cocktails

mojito de ted$ 10,00
Limonada Big Sky$ 9,00
Buffalo 41$ 9,00
Sangria do Rio do Sol$ 7,00
Midtown Manhattan$ 12,00
freshly made$ 12,00
The Hendrik$ 10,00


Sazonal Sam Adams$ 6,00
Stella Artois$ 6,50
fresh water 420$ 6,00
API do Ted$ 6,00
traffic jam
outbreak of light$ 5,00
Miller Lite$ 5,00
Michelob Ultra$ 5,00
color light$ 5,00
corona$ 5,50
Budweiser$ 5,00
heineken$ 5,50
pomar bravo$ 5,50
IPA help$ 5,50
crown of light$ 5,50
Sam Adams$ 5,50
by O'Doul$ 5,00
guinness$ 6,00
fat tire$ 5,50
special model$ 5,50


Bison Song – California 20156 ounces – $7.00
9 ounces – $10.00
Bottle – $27.00
Rodney Strong – Sonoma County 20156 ounces – $8.00
9 ounces – $11.00
Bottle – $34.00
Kendall Jackson Vintner Reservation – California 20146 ounces – $9.00
9 ounces – $13.00
Bottle – $36.00
Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches – Sonoma Coast 2014$43.00 (Bottle)
Stags' Leap Winery – Napa Valley 2017$54.00 (Bottle)

Whites, Sparklings and Rosés

Mionetto Prosecco D.O.C. – Treviso187ml – $11.00
Bottle – $33.00
Charles e Charles Rosé – Columbia Valley6 ounces – $7.00
9 ounces – $10.00
Bottle – $27.00
Seven Daughters Moscato – Italy 20156 ounces – $8.00
9 ounces – $11.00
Bottle – $30.00
Clos du Bois Pinot Grigio – California 20156 ounces – $8.00
9 ounces – $11.00
Bottle – $30.00
Castle Ste. Michelle Riesling – Columbia Valley 20146 ounces – $7.00
9 ounces – $9.00
Bottle – $24.00
Starmont Sauvignon Blanc – Napa Valley 20156 ounces – $10.00
9 ounces – $14.00
Bottle – $38.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bison Song – California 20146 ounces – $7.00
9 ounces – $10.00
Bottle – $27.00
J. Lohr Seven Oaks – Paso Robles 20146 ounces – $9.00
9 ounces – $12.-0
Bottle – $34.00
Louis M. Martini – California 2013Bottle – $36.00
Oberon – Napa County 20146 ounces – $13.00
9 ounces – $17.00
Bottle – $45.00
Starmont – Vale de NapaBottle – $55.00
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Artemis - Valle de Napa 2016Bottle – $80.00

more red

Mark West Pinot Noir – California6 ounces – $9.00
9 ounces – $12.00
Bottle – $35.00
MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir – Costa Central 20146 ounces – $11.00
9 ounces – $14.00
Bottle – $40.00
Erath “Espumante” Pinot Noir – Oregon6 ounces – $12.00
Bison Ridge Merlot – Califórnia 20146 ounces – $7.00
Merlot Lure – Sonoma CountryBottle – $42.00
Gascón Malbec – Mendoza 20156 ounces – $9.00
9 ounces – $12.00
Bottle – $33.00
Trapiche Broquel Malbec – Mendoza 20146 ounces – $11.00
9 ounces – $15.00
Bottle – $42.00
Concannon Petite Sirah – Livermore ValleyBottle – $32.00
O Federalist Zinfandel – Lodi 20146 ounces – $10.00
9 ounces – $13.00
Bottle – $40.00
19 Crime Red Mix – AustraliaBottle – $30.00
The Red Prisioner Blend – Califórnia 2017Bottle - $74.00

Disclaimer:Everymenuprices.com collects real pricing information from various sources such as official websites, commercial websites, and more. Prices provided on this web page may be derived from one or more of these sources. Of course, the prices shown on this website may not be current at the time you visit this website and may not apply to all locations of a given brand. For current prices, please contact the individual place of business of interest to you.

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Ted's Montana Grill contact information

Below is contact information for Ted's Montana Grill should you wish to contact or visit the restaurant.

Address of Ted's Montana GrillN / D
Phone number for Ted's Montana GrillN / D
Ted's Montana Grill contact formfill in here

Ted's Montana Grill Social Profiles

You can follow Ted's Montana Grill restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload all the updates.

Facebookvisit now
Instagramvisit now
Gorevisit now
LinkedInvisit now
Canal do Youtubevisit now

important links

Below is a list of some important links to Ted's Montana Grill restaurant such as their locations, nutritional information, careers and much more.

Official websitetedsmontanagrill.com
Ted's Montana Grill Menucheck here
Locais do Ted's Montana Grillcheck here
Ted's Montana Grill Carrerascheck here
Ted's Montana Grill Gift Cardscheck here
Ted's Montana Grill Nutrition Factscheck here

Ted's Montana Grill Franchise Information

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If you want to buy the Ted's Montana Grill franchise, you'll have to wait because they aren't providing franchise to anyone right now.

Last words

So that was all about theTed's Montana Grill menu with pricesand we also mention many other things related to this restaurant like contact details, social profiles, important links and much more.

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If you've been there before or are going to visit after seeing theTed's Montana Grill Menu Prices, so don't forget to give your opinion in the comments section below. Happy eating...!!!


Who owns Ted Montana Grill? ›

Entrepreneur-conservationist Ted Turner teamed up with restaurateur George McKerrow in 2002 to open the first Ted's Montana Grill. Twenty years later, the “green” restaurant chain, which now includes 39 locations in 16 states, is marking its success in saving the American bison, while practicing sustainability.

What restaurant chain is bison Burger? ›

Ted's Montana Grill is an American restaurant chain. The company was founded by media mogul and bison rancher Ted Turner along with restaurateur George McKerrow Jr. with the help of corporate chef Chris Raucci as a for-profit effort to stop the extinction of the American bison.

What is Ted's Z sauce? ›

z-sauce. a sweet sauce made with raspberry jam. the sauce is on the red rock sandwich and helps cut the intensity of the heat from the diced jalapenos.

Where does Ted's Montana Grill get their bison meat? ›

Bison is the leanest protein available, nutrient-dense, higher in protein and iron than any other meat, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has lower cholesterol levels than chicken. “Our all-natural bison are raised at ranches throughout the American West.

What does Ted's Montana Grill do for birthdays? ›

Free Birthday Meal Deal

A FREE Dessert. Deal valid 7 days before your birthday, on your birthday and 7 days after. To receive this deal please sign up for the Ted's Montana Grill email list by clicking on the SIGN ME UP button above.


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