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Sip tea, eat cake and find the lovely hideaway at The Lakeside Hotel & Spa

Sometimes, a little indulgent luxury can certainly be the spur to that spark of romance, escapism, and just... well... somewhere other than home. The Rhythm of the World You Blink and Miss does its best to ensure that life is all work and no games to be seen or heard.

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Then there are homework books; Football games to watch on rainy days; endless hours of ballet pirouettes; hilarious birthday parties and a social calendar that starts and ends with the kids. While all these recreational and educational bits are somewhat boring in nature, they are what they are.

than a normal happy family life in this. We don't want to eliminate these things, but a little break from it all is sorely needed every now and then. Perhaps a very special birthday outing? Or a few nights of relaxation, fine dining and a home to "be". Does it all sound all too familiar? Maybe it's time to take the kids to the grandparents; Dust off the trusty leather case; Pack up that dusty romance and head to Windermere and peaceful bliss at The Lakeside Hotel.

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Lounge and gaze out over The Terrace for virtually the best view of Lake Windermere in all its glittering glory. Embrace Mother Nature herself as the cruises pass; swans glide; Ducks bob and Lakeland lovers paddle the waves with smiles on their faces. Get inspired by the English languagetriple side; Savor the finest loose leaf tea; Enjoy the succulent afternoon tea sandwiches and dip into soft biscuit pieces, like a very eclectic tea from Alice and Wonderland. Because the Lakeside Hotel proudly serves a unique take on a vintage tradition, set against a backdrop of lush greenery and a splash of vibrant color from the swaying flowers in its garden. So open your napkin, sit back, enjoy the moment and enjoy the ultimate afternoon tea experience with a grand twist.

The English "way" of afternoon tea etiquette is to eat your sandwiches first, with your fingers instead of your cutlery. Then the scones, which must be cut in two, by hand, not with a knife. Eaten each half separately blah blah blah. It's time to let go of old bygone traditions and make way for a mix of madness and vitality.

Chef Richard Booth's bold approach to this alternative afternoon tea is somewhat intriguing. It miraculously blends modernity with clean, polished lines. A visual explosion of color inspired by his regular walks through the Lakeside grounds. The savory and sweet treats on the crispy white plates are reminiscent of the floral treats at The Terrace and beyond. Giving Mother Nature and her grace the recognition she so richly deserves. When you talk to Richard about food, his face lights up with incredible animation and he is always proud to share his knowledge and expertise with a Cheshire cat smile that never fades.

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Speaking about his afternoon tea, he says:

“I wanted to make it more of an event than just afternoon tea so guests could relax all afternoon. So I wanted to break up the courses so they don't feel like they have to eat everything at once.”

Essentially, this experience is not a case of "Average Jo", it is a rarity full of sensations, textures, colors and unbeatable presentation. It's like looking in the mirror and seeing what this English tradition should look like. Afternoon tea here at The Lakeside begins with fresh and lively cucumber soup, awakening your senses and preparing you for the extraordinary feast that awaits. Then there is a delicious array of sandwiches followed by a tower of rainbow cakes. A tower that tells a story, awakens memories and at the same time captivates. There's a feather-light raspberry mousse on a soft biscuit with cane sugar shavings, and a white chocolate mousse with an Alfonso mango core, encased in a mango mirror glaze. A velvety vanilla and creamy chocolate biscuit grace your plate and a tempting exotic passion fruit coconut bomb.

There are also lovely buttermilk scones; perfect lime green and mint pea macaroons and a tangy strawberry sandwich topped with fresh whipped cream. The said cake is an homage to the classic Victoria sponge, named after Queen Victoria who is believed to have been the first to 'cook' afternoon tea. The ending is as thrilling as you pop Granny Smith Apple Ice Cream in your mouth to refresh your palate and wake up cold at home, your loved one, and The Terrace after your flavor journey.

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During this afternoon event, you will taste fine china wrapped around the most impressive and distinguished loose leaf teas. Teas chosen with wisdom and care. They do not overshadow the selection of sandwiches and cakes in front of you. Meet Blue Lady, an Earl Gray tea minus bergamot and blended with grapefruit blossom for that citrus kick. Treat yourself to Silver Needles Tea, a white tea with a mild flavor but still an incredible ability to refresh. Perhaps because it is lovingly harvested at dawn, selecting only the two upper leaves. This is done so that the buds do not open in the sun, and chlorophyll does not manifest itself in the leaves.

A very scientific statement, but Richard sees to it that the tea in your cup tastes as special as the cakes you're munching on. Jasmine Pearl Tea is also present, tiny hand-rolled jasmine pearls that, along with Silver Needles tea, can come at a pretty impressive price but always enliven and tantalize the taste buds. Slow-Drying Orange Passion Fruit Tea is simple yet practically full of flavor that sparkles in your cup.

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We think Richard has created and designed an awe-inspiring event that will leave you speechless as the flavors dance and the experience is etched in your memories. Speaking about its ingredients, Richard says:

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“For me, food is personal. From local jams to faraway mangoes, this afternoon tea is for anyone who wants a tea and cake trip.

After all, there is drinking, eating and enjoying. Enjoy the hotel's landscape and its sparkling lake view. Maybe paddle your rowboat for a little romance and a little adventure on the water. You might want to stay here a little longer because The Lakeside offers the most coveted deal on four nights for the price of three. Experience more together here to escape the madness and chaos of reality and enjoy the luxury of a luxury hotel. Everything the Lakeside features and offers is why it's one of the best couples' escapes in the UK alongside one of the best hotel deals in the Lake District.

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To book your romantic getaway for two and get away from it all, read through the deals.

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For a distinctively personalized gift and one of the best experiences you can buy for your loved ones, why not gift someone our Afternoon Tea Experience Gift Card?

Taste the sweet and savory flavors of our afternoon tea and browse Richard's menu to be your own Alice and Madhatter.

Relax, rejuvenate and rejuvenate your senses together within the tranquil, relaxing walls of your Aveda Spa.


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