The Marquesas Islands | Where are the Marquesas Islands? (2023)

Main reasons to visit the Marquesas Islands

Rich culture and vegetation

From the Taipivai Valley and Hatiheu Bay to Anaho and Hakaui, where the highest waterfall is locatedHeTahiti Islands is located, travelers are invited to admire the cultural and natural phenomena. The Marquesas Islands have varied coastlines surrounded by cliffsblack sand beachesand beautiful bays. Discover wild horses, goats, boars, and other wildlife in the lush rainforest, which is home to thousands of pre-European artifacts.

endless adventures

Whether it is for hiking, horseback riding,Be sure to explore the stunning landscapes of the Marquesas with waterfalls, peaks, and valleys on a 4x4 tour,and rivers. Beaches overlook open oceans, archeological sites dot the islands, backroad drives take you through the dense trees, and incredible views are just a short walk away. It's 405 square miles of pleasure for adventure lovers.

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In the footsteps of Herman Melville in the Taipivai Valley

Author Herman Melville wrote his novel Typee in 1846 after being influenced by his adventures in the Taipivai Valley. In the novel, he tells the story of a sailor who stumbles across what appears to be an uninhabited island. He wandered through the Marquesasislands,alone and terrified by the cannibals he had heard roaming the island. Eventually, he was discovered by the Taipi clan, who surprisingly welcomed him with open arms. He was the first European to come into contact with this remote community on this remote island in the South Pacific. Herman Melville reveals that he was that sailor and has returned from French Polynesia to tell the story of him. This story became Melville's most famous novel of his life.Visitors to the Marquesas Islands can follow in Melville's footsteps and view the many artifacts encased in the archipelago's rich pathways as if time stood still.

Gauguin and Brel's memoirs

soy 1900S,painterPaul Gauguinand then MusicianJacques Brel arrived at the marquesan island of Hiva Oalook forsolitude and inner peace. If you're following in the same artistic footsteps as them, visit the replica of Gauguin's "Maison du Jouir" and the small museum dedicated to the painter and his house. While living in the Marquesas Islands, Gauguin painted some of their most famous artwork, drawing inspiration from the daily life of the well asLegends and ancient religious traditions depicting imaginary scenes. Brel's latest album, Les Marquises, was inspired by his time on Hiva Oa. Finally, he visits his graves in the Calvaire cemetery.,where both rest a few meters away, contemplating the bay of Taaoa under the intoxicating aroma of plumerias.

Diving from another world

This underwater world of Marquesa IslandThey are full of exciting treasures. The dive center in Hiva Oa,diving marquis, will take those brave enough to dive in the open sea to see a variety of underwater species thriving in an astonishing biodiversity. Along the coast, bathers and divers can see manta rays, eagle rays, sSharks, Mackerel, Tuna, Swordfish,and many more. If you're lucky, you might even spot some of the hundreds of dolphins that live just offshore!

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The island of Hiva Oa is worth visiting to see the various archaeological sites there, such asYin Puama'u, home of the greateststatueInThe Islands of Tahiti.YYou can find "Takaii" (8 feet/2.4 meters), a unique happy-looking statue hidden among the dense trees. Ta'a'oa houses a vast area of ​​worship with lithic structures and tiki statues that blend in with the primitive nature that surrounds them. Ancient petroglyphs can be found around Tahuata. Travelers can see giant banyans and breadfruit trees,Ytowering coconut and papaya trees.

movement of hiva

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The legend of the Marquesas Islands tells the story of how God created a "great house" represented by the largest of them -movement of hivainthe top ofthe mall. a universe of its own, DiegraduationVolcanic peaks and impressive slopes merge with the blue of the Pacific Ocean.EsUniverse, the impressive volcanic peaks and the amazing slopes merge with the blue of the Pacific Ocean.The regional capital of the archipelago, Taioha'e, sits on top of an ancient volcanic crater. A bay of the same name was formed when part of this crater burst into the ocean. With stunning views, endless artifacts for history buffs, and a fun community with a colorful culture, Nuku Hiva is a must-see on any visitor's to-do list.

Hiva Oa

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today this islandHiva Oa, is commonly known as the "Garden of the Marquesas" for its fertile and lush soil. The island could be described as rugged and if you are lucky you may stumble upon it. one of someArchaeological siteswhich remain hidden even after hundreds of years. Although its coasts are lined with beaches and cliffs for diving,Hiva Oahe feels isolated and isolated. There are areas where visitors cannot see any signs of civilization, perfect for a walk away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This island is also home to the largest Tiki statues in the world.The Islands of Tahiti.

The administrative center and main town of the island, Atuona, is located at the southern end of Taaoa Bay.TThe island's two highest peaks rise behind the town of Mount Temetiu, 4,186 feet above sea level, and Mount Fe'ani, 3,366 feet above sea level..Many famous writers, musicians,and artists of various kinds have sought solitude in the hills of this island.

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In the legend of the islands, Ua Pou symbolizes the entrance pillars to the House of God and is the third largest of the 12 islands. Huge basalt columns rise into the sky and bear the names of legendary warriors: Pouttaunui and Poumaka. The tallest of these pillars and the highest point of all the Marquesas Islands is Mount Oave. In 1888, these pillars inspired the poet Robert Louis Stevenson, who described them as "volcanic arrows resembling a steeple." They proudly overlook the bay from Hakahau Village, the main town on the island.

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I was disappointed

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Ua Huka symbolizes in the legend the "food basket" of the house of God,offers an even more virgin beauty,and is known for its arid soils and landscapes. The island itself is shaped much like a crescent moon. Wild horses gallop across this desert-colored land as far as the eye can see. The goats go up to the plateau of the island. Peaceful and mystical, Ua Huka invites the traveler to discover a remote universe where the island's ancestors are not just part of the past. but it remains an integral part of the daily life of the islanders.


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Tahuata symbolizes the "dawn" or "the home that illuminates" in the house of God, and is also the smallest of theinhabited islandsof the Marquesas Islands. Despite its small size, Tahuata is known forTo beVisited in 1700 by the famous British explorer Captain James CookS. The only access to itlonely islandit is by sea from the island of Hiva Oa. The island offers delicious discoveries to the privileged traveler. From its fertile valleys to its crystalline bays, Tahuata is an exquisite haven of tranquility and a place of history and creativity. Most of the residents make a living from it.for youinherit remarkable fine works of art, such as carved bone and rosewood, ormiró(the Portia tree) carved.Mono'i, or sacred oil, is made according to the aromas of tradition and mystery, like an invitation to a hypnotic perfume beautifully called “love potion” by the islanders. The creation of these perfumes is an art that spans thousands of years and is unique to these islands.

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Fatu Hiva: Home of Maiden's Bay

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lord shivasymbolizes the roof of the church: a small but impressive island. If you arrive by sea, you will be greeted by intricate landscapes and pristine vegetation. Fatu Hiva will fascinate visitors. Streams cut through valleys and cliffs plunge into the sea, making for downright spectacular views of the island from every angle. In 1937, the explorer and author Thor Heyerdahl and his wife set foot on the island to live like the dawn of the new world in search of a true return to nature. He later wrote a book about his experiences called The Island. Not much has changed since then. Today most of the local people live around the town of Omoa, a beautiful port where traditional and famous products are produced.Tapasof tree bark. The Hanavave area is tucked away in an amazing bay - Maidens Bay, probably one of the most beautiful bays on earth, especially at sunset when the light breaks through the volcano.icy peaks and transform the landscape into an unreal and unforgettable setting.


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