Who is Ray Romano's wife? All about Ana Romano (2023)

ray romanoknows how to make a marriage work.

The comedian has been married to his wife Anna Romano since 1987. Three years later, they had their first daughter together, Alexandra. Ray and Anna had three more children: twins Matthew and Gregory and son Joseph.

A married father of four, Ray drew much inspiration from his own life while working on his hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"My wife, once in a while, when our TV show was on, we'd fight and she'd turn around and say, 'I don't want to see this on the show.'" Ray recalled to PEOPLE in 2023. "And I'd say, 'We already did that episode.' "

Ray's latest project, Somewhere in Queens, also includes elements from his real life, including his son's battle with anxiety and Anna's journey through breast cancer.

"I injected all of that in as much as I could," Ray tells PEOPLE of the movie. "And then we also wrote characters and stories, butmost of it came from a real place."

So who is Ray Romano's wife? Here's everything you need to know about Anna Romano and her long-standing marriage to Everybody Loves star Raymond.

She is from New York

Who is Ray Romano's wife? All about Ana Romano (1)

Born Anna Scarpulla, Anna is a native of New York, as is her husband. And like Ray, she is also Italian. her when appearing inelenaRay told the host.Ellen DeGeneresthat his in-laws came to New York from a small town in Sicily and he took the family there on vacation in 2019.

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"When [Anna's parents] were 40 years old, they came to the United States from a small town in Sicily," he said. "We had visited before, but this time we took the whole gang. We took 13 family members."

She and Ray met while working as bank tellers.

Who is Ray Romano's wife? All about Ana Romano (2)

Ray and Anna met in 1983 while working together at a Queens bank. However, according to Anna, the comedian was "not good" as a bank teller. "It was accurate but very slow," she recalled.CBSin 2005.

At the time, Ray was 25 years old and living at home while trying to break into stand-up comedy. He rode his bike to work at the bank and was usually late for work, according to Anna. "He was funny and kind," she said on the podcast.Double date with Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue. He added that Ray was "just a good person."

Not wanting to risk an awkward encounter, Ray waited to ask Anna out until she was no longer working at the bank and began to delve into stand-up.

“I always tell her that she gambled because she dated a guy who lived at home and biked to work,” she said.

They got married in 1987.

The couple began dating in 1985 and married two years later, in October 1987.

"We didn't have any expectations when we came out," Anna said. "We were happy, so we took it day after day."

Ray joked that Anna wouldn't mind if he was a plumber as long as he "makes the same money." Anna was by Ray's side when she decided to pursue stand-up full-time after they were married, and when she landed her development contract for Everybody Loves Raymond in 1995.

He appeared in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

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Anna, who dabbled in acting and filmmaking, appeared once in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond in 2001. In the sixth season opener, "The Angry Family," Anna quickly appeared as one of the other mothers in the school. .

they have four children

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Ray and Anna welcomed their first and only child, Alexandra Romano, on August 26, 1990. Three years later, they were expecting again.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Ray admitted that he was expecting a child for the second time. “Anna called me after an ultrasound and said, 'Okay, we're having twins.' I was like, 'Come on!' She said yes. Twins." I tried to sound happy, saying, 'Oh. Good. Good.' "he shared. "She Finally she told me: 'They're children, idiot!' That's when I knew he loved her."

The duo welcomed twins, Matthew and Gregory Romano, in 1993. Their fourth child, Joseph Romano, was born in 1998.

During the pandemic, Rayquarantined with his four children. "It's actually fun," he told PEOPLE of the experience. "I can't sympathize enough with people who are in quarantine with young children."

In April 2023, Ray revealed that his daughterAlexandra had recently become engaged.

She is a breast cancer survivor.

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In 2010, Anna, then 46, was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, though she did not share the news with the public at the time. "We were dealing with it in private and we didn't need attention," Ray later explained to PEOPLE.

Two years later, the couple discussed Anna's cancer journey with PEOPLE in an effort to "help people," according to Ray. They also waited to tell their children about Anna's diagnosis "until we knew the prognosis was good."

“We are waiting to get the results of the genetic test and it is negative,” Anna said at the time. “We wanted them to have all the information and not to worry if there was no reason. So we told them, and my youngest son said, 'If you're going to be okay, can I forget about it?' "

Anna underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy before making a full recovery. "You appreciate everything so much more. It's a cliché to say that life is short, but it is. We're lucky," Ray said.

After the experience, Ray said that he was grateful that they never had to worry about insurance covering Anna's treatment and that he wanted to help others who might not be so lucky. The desire to help inspired Anna to investigate philanthropy, which led the couple to two local charities.breast cancer charitiesin New York and Los Angeles - his "two hometowns." Ray also appeared in a Stand Up To Cancer ad.

"We were lucky," he said. "But it opens your eyes, so I just want to reciprocate."

His latest project is inspired by his life.

Who is Ray Romano's wife? All about Ana Romano (6)

Just as the overall premise of Everybody Loves Raymond was heavily based on the real Ray family, so is his latest project.

Ray's directorial debut,somewhere in queens, is inspired by his own experience growing up in Queens and being the father of four children.

Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the film's release, Romano shared that she wouldn't include anything in the film that she wasn't comfortable with, especially when it came to her experience with cancer. "She's been cancer-free for 10 years. I think she liked the way we described it, and I think it felt real to her, what a cancer survivor goes through mentally," she said.

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"Believe me, she would have told me, she would have told me if she felt something was wrong or something just made her a little bit upset," he said. "She gave me her approval."

she doesn't care about fame

Who is Ray Romano's wife? All about Ana Romano (7)

One thing that makes their marriage work, says Ray, is Anna's lack of interest in fame. "The reason [our marriage] works is because she's a person who (a) doesn't need attention and (b) can understand how I feel about her, even though it's hard for me to express that outwardly. She's the hero here. ," he saysTEMPOem 2019.

Ray also shared with PEOPLE in 2023 howAnna is "over"when it comes to your career. While she said that she shares her scripts with her and Anna's children, especially when she is inspired by her lives, she doesn't have as much interest in reading them as children do.

"I've been married to her for 35 years and have been in business for almost that long," he explained. "So she supports me, but she's not as interested as my children."

Ray went on to share his therapist's advice on how to be the best possible spouse for Anna, which included ego control.

"I don't know if this is a general secret that applies to everyone, but my wife is not in show business and I am in show business," Ray said. “My therapist told me once when we were discussing something like this, and I'm going to quote that because it's a good quote to follow. He said, 'he acts like you're not a narcissist. "

"And ultimately what he was saying was that the business that I'm in, the occupation that I have and the things that drive me can be difficult for a spouse to handle and sometimes you can lose track of that." he continued.

"You're not aware of the other person. And sometimes you have to breathe and realize that. Because I feel everything for my wife. I feel the love, but I don't show it enough."


Who is Raymond Romano's wife? ›

Personal life. Romano married his wife, Anna Scarpulla, in 1987. They met while working at a bank together. Romano's character's daughter on Everybody Loves Raymond was named after his real-life daughter, Alexandra "Ally" Romano.

Is Ray Romano's daughter married? ›

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, the actor, screenwriter, and stand-up comedian announced on Live with Kelly and Mark that his oldest child and only daughter, Alexandra “Ally” Romano, is engaged.

How old is Anna Romano? ›

Was Ray Romano's real mother on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

Was Anna Romano in Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

"Everybody Loves Raymond" The Angry Family (TV Episode 2001) - Anna Romano as Self - IMDb.

Who played Robert's ex wife on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Robert's Divorce (TV Episode 2000) - Suzie Plakson as Joanne 'Cinnamon' Glotz - IMDb.

Does Ray Romano have a daughter? ›

Are the kids on Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romanos kids? ›

Does Ray Romano have a son who is an actor? ›

Does Ray Romano have children? ›

Where is Anna Romano from? ›

What is Ray Romano's net worth? ›

Ray Romano is an American stand-up comedian turned actor and writer who has a net worth of $200 million. Ray Romano is best known for his role on the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

How many children does Ray Romano have in real life? ›

The comedian has been married to his wife, Anna Romano, since 1987. Three years later, they welcomed their first child together, daughter Alexandra. Ray and Anna went on to have three more kids: twins Matthew and Gregory, and son Joseph.

How accurate is Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

But as Phil revealed on The Early Show in 2006, "90% of the stories on the show were based on real-life experiences."

Did the mother on Everybody Loves Raymond passed away? ›

Doris Roberts, the Emmy-winning character actress best known for her role as Ray Romano's tart-tongued, interfering mother on the hit CBS series “Everybody Loves Raymond,” died on Sunday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 90. Ms. Roberts died in her sleep, said a family spokeswoman, Janet Daily.

Why did everyone loves Raymond end? ›

A still from 'Everybody Loves Ray' on CBS. On air from 1996 to 2005, the comedy from showrunner Phil Rosenthal maintained strong ratings well into its final season. But he decided to pull the plug on the show as he saw that everyone in the writer's room, including him and Romano, was burnt out.

Who has everyone loves raymond? ›

HBO released the Complete Series of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD in Regions 1, 2, and 4.

Is Ray Romano A Vegan? ›

Romano opens up about health struggles

' And I would go home, and I would eat right — not vegan, but a little healthier and get it down a couple ticks,” said Romano.

Who was Robert's first wife on Raymond? ›

After divorcing his first wife, Joanne Glotz, in 1995, Robert moved back in with his parents, became a workaholic, and was acknowledged by the NYPD for not missing one day of work for three years.

Was Robert in love with Debra? ›


Robert could sometimes be one of the most annoying characters on the show. While it was easy to feel bad for him at times, the way he always made himself a victim could get frustrating. One of the strangest things about him, however, was the crush he had on Debra.

What happened to the girl who played Allie on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

But, while the actor was on one of the most popular sitcoms on television, she didn't stay in the spotlight much after the series ended. She has continued to act, but the now-31-year-old has also explored other interests, including design and theater production.

Is Nick Romano related to Ray Romano? ›

He is survived by his two sons, Mark and Christian Romano; his mother, Frances Romano; his brother, Ray Romano and wife Sylvie; his sister Lucy O'Toole; his niece, Tiffany Romano; his nephews, Brandon and Dayton Romano and Christopher and Gerard O'Toole; and his dogs, Cash and Bob.

Are Larry Romano and Ray Romano related? ›

Romano played the minor role of Joe Zeppi. Romano portrayed Madonna's boyfriend in the music video "Oh Father." Larry is not related to Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond fame.

How old is Ray Romano on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

Why did they change babies on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

When the pilot for "Raymond" was filmed, the three Barone kids bore the actual names of star Ray Romano's real children: Alexandra (Ally), Matthew and Gregory. By the time production started, however, Romano became concerned that art was imitating life a bit too closely and asked that the twins' names be changed.

What happened to one of the twins from everyone loves Raymond? ›

On April 23, 2015, Sweeten died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, nineteen days before his 20th birthday. His death prompted public tributes by his Everybody Loves Raymond costars. His on-screen father Ray Romano was shocked by the news and said he was a "wonderful and sweet kid to be around".

Why did they change the kids names in everyone loves Raymond? ›

In the pilot episode, the children were named Ally, Gregory, and Matthew mimicking the real-life names of his children. Ray then got nervous about having the names of the children be so close to his so Gregory and Matthew's names were changed to Michael and Geoffrey while Ally's name stayed the same.

Are Ray Romano and Kevin James friends? ›

James later moved to Los Angeles and befriended Ray Romano, and he guest-starred on a few episodes of Romano's hit CBS sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Are Ray Romano and Brad Garrett still friends? ›

Brad Garrett and Ray Romano seem to remain on friendly terms, even years after the conclusion of "Everybody Loves Raymond." One of the deepest dives into their relationship was offered by Garrett himself in his book, called "When the Balls Drop: How I Learned to Get Real and Embrace Life's Second Half," published in ...

Was Ray Romano's father on his show? ›

Who are the babies from everyone loves Raymond? ›

Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten as Geoffrey and Michael Barone

The twin brothers — along with their older sister, Madylin — starred as Barone children Geoffrey, Michael and Ally. The boys were cast on the series when they were just 16 months old and were featured on 142 episodes (the series ran for 210).

Who is Alexandra Ray Romano's daughter? ›

Alexandra "Ally" Romano (born August 26, 1990) is Ray Romano's real life daughter who plays the recurring character of Molly who is Peggy's daughter. She is also a child actress and the sister of Matt Romano. Ally recently voice played as Meghan in Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) with her father.

Does Ray Romano have a set of twins? ›

Gregory Romano and Matthew Romano

Rays' twins, Gregory and Matthew, were born on January 13, 1993. Though he has yet to make his acting debut, aside from a few minor appearances on Everybody Loves Raymond, Gregory prefers to behind the camera as he's a production assistant on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Who is Ray Romano's mother? ›

What was Doris Roberts net worth when she died? ›

Doris Roberts Net Worth: Doris Roberts was an American actress of film, stage and television who had a net worth of $14 million dollars.

Does Ray Romano have a family? ›

Who is richest comedian in the world? ›


As the co-creator and star of his self-titled sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld has raked in serious bucks through syndication and streaming deals. Other projects such as "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and various stand-up specials have also added to his bottom line.

Who was the highest paid actor on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

In the final two seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano was earning a then-record-breaking salary of $1.75 million per episode.

How much does Ray Romano make on reruns? ›

'Everybody Loves Raymond' Royalties

Forbes was referring to "Everybody Loves Raymond," which ran for nine seasons, ending in 2005, and continues in reruns on TV Land. Romano can earn up to $18 million a year, mainly from show residuals, Forbes and Vanity Fair reported.

Does Ray Romano have a brother who is an actor? ›

Is Ray Romano's brother really a cop? ›

Also, actor Ray Romano's brother in real life (Richard Romano) is a cop for the NYPD. He made a few appearances in the show, some of which were in uniform.

Did Ray Romano live with his parents? ›

Ray Romano lived with his mother until he was almost 30.

Did Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle like each other? ›

“When Peter Boyle and I met for the first time on the show it was as if we had known each other for 45 years,” she said. “We got more laughs just giving each other dirty looks than anything else. I loved him.” The chemistry led to popular appeal.

Why was Everybody Loves Raymond removed from Netflix? ›

Up until today, Everybody Loves Raymond had been streaming on Netflix for multiple years but as yearly contract renewals come into play, it seems Netflix decided to skip (or vice versa) on a new deal that would extend the streaming availability of the show.

Was Debra pregnant on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

Patricia Heaton (Debra) was pregnant at the time of filming for this episode, so she did not appear in many of the shots. And when she did, she either wore big, baggy clothing or held an object in front of her to hide the pregnant belly. But in this episode, the camera never filmed her below the chest.

When did Marie from Raymond died? ›

His second turn on "Raymond" was also his final screen appearance prior to his death on January 26, 2001 at the age of 68. Stage actress Anna Berger, who played the very Marie-like Rita Stipe, died on May 26, 2014, at the age of 91.

How old was Gene Raymond when he died? ›

On May 3, 1998, at 89 years of age, Raymond died of pneumonia at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Are Ray and Debra really married? ›

Debra Barone(born 4th March 1958) is the wife of Ray Barone. She lives with him and their three kids, daughter Ally and twin boys Michael and Geoffrey.

Did Ray Romano's daughter play in Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

Who is Amy from everyone loves Raymond married to? ›

Monica Horan as Amy MacDougall

She's married to Raymond creator Philip Rosenthal; together, they have two sons.

Who is Ray Romano married to and how many children does he have? ›

The comedian has been married to his wife, Anna Romano, since 1987. Three years later, they welcomed their first child together, daughter Alexandra. Ray and Anna went on to have three more kids: twins Matthew and Gregory, and son Joseph.

What does Ray Romano's daughter do? ›

How did Ray meet Deborah on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

A flashback to when Ray and Debra first met. Ray is working as a futon delivery guy and he brings her a futon. After fixing up a date with her, he accidentally sees her naked.

How many kids do Ray and Debra have? ›

Raymond Albert "Ray" Barone (Ray Romano) is the protagonist of the sitcom. He lives on Long Island, with his wife, Debra Barone, and their three children, daughter Ally Barone and twin boys Michael and Geoffrey Barone.

Why were the original twins replaced on Everybody Loves Raymond? ›

When the pilot for "Raymond" was filmed, the three Barone kids bore the actual names of star Ray Romano's real children: Alexandra (Ally), Matthew and Gregory. By the time production started, however, Romano became concerned that art was imitating life a bit too closely and asked that the twins' names be changed.

Why did Robert and Amy get divorced on everyone loves Raymond? ›

Amy breaks up with Robert after he gets her pearls for her birthday instead of an engagement ring - then Amy tells Debra that maybe Robert is gay so the Barrones question Robert.

Is Phil still married to Monica? ›

She has been married to Phil Rosenthal since 22 April 1990. They have two children.

Why did Robert break up with Stefania? ›

Stefania (Alex Meneses), Robert's Italian girlfriend visits from Italy with her father. Robert initially likes it, but then realizes that she is annoying and breaks up with her. Stefania's father loves America and buys Nemo's to settle down in Long Island.


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